Not So Precious

Not So Precious is the result of a collaboration between Rut-Malin Barklund, Sara Borgegård and Agnes Larsson.


A story about an old bijouterie fabric that flourished in the 70s and 80s. 100 square meters filled with material intended for series production of bygone days jewellery. A small family factory that got put out of business due to mass productions great rival giants.


This workshop, and all of its contents, was taken over by Rut-Malin, Sara and Agnes in the fall of 2007 and they turned into their first studio after graduating from Konstfack.

Today it is several years ago since they all left that studio. Some of the bijouterie material had to follow in the move since it was emotionally impossible to leave such a historic treasure with great emotional value behind.


In 2014 the trio created a unique series of jewellery out of this material, in a collectively creative proces.


Instagram: notsoprecious_jewellery

All Not So Precious photos ©Karolina Serenander